Epic Justice League trailer!

No Superman, no Steppenwolf, but it’s clear that this film is filled with tons of high octane action. At least 5 different action set piece scenes are hinted at throughout the trailer, signifying that this film is sure to entertain the masses. Looks really good.


Justice League Trailer Expectations

Warner Brothers is hyping the highly anticipated Justice League trailer extra hard right now. Last night during primetime hours, several single character 30 second teasers were aired on National Television channels. These were paid ads to let viewers know of a trailer being released this Saturday. I’ve never seen this before. Specific shows like the Today Show or Jimmy Kimmel have advertised their own show with an exclusive trailer for a huge movie, but I’ve never seen a studio advertise their own online trailer release using National television advertisements. This leads me to believe 2 things. First, WB execs must really love the trailer and believe it is worthy of this kind of hype. And secondly, that this will be a long trailer that shows a lot of action and significant story exposition. Here are some of our expectations for the trailer we will see on Saturday.
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Nightwing Movie, Part 2: Story

Obviously, for the movie to be a success, a good story is key. Even an amazing cast can be hampered by a poor story that doesn’t showcase the talents and importance of the characters involved. As great as the character representations in Suicide Squad were, a better script more in line with the tone of the film would have helped tremendously. So for Nightwing to ring home the best, its clear the story needs to touch on who Dick Grayson is and what drives him and challenges him everyday in his life as a hero.
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